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Statutory / Class surveys and certification: (On behalf of various R.O. and non IACS classification societies, as Senior Surveyors/Auditors and Lead Maritime Auditors).

• Marine Casualty investigations: Our key personnel maritime professionals are specialized Marine Casualty investigators assignments in major casualties
investigation on behalf of Flag State Administration.

•Flag Safety inspections; On behalf of various white list Flag State Administrations such as Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Moldova, Panama
• Sunk Investigation 
• Machinery Failure Investigation 
• COLREG Investigations 
• Vessel registration, insurance claims consultation, seafarers certification.
• Independent Surveys: Condition, damage, class records, repairs appraisal, etc.
• ISM/ISPS/MLC, 2006 audits and certification: On behalf of various R.O. and non IACS classification societies as exclusive and appointed surveyor/auditor
• Top Management Consultation for Ship Managements Companies:
Engagement in set up and organization, of management companies operating passenger vessels, in the area of Middle East.
•Grounding Investigations

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